Internet adds to media mix

Yahoo! and Mediaedge:cia have revealed the findings of their research into how high speed internet access is affecting people’s daily lives and in turn how they are consuming media.

The US-based research found consumers are turning to the web for more in-depth content, entertainment and communication capabilities, but without abandoning traditional forms of media.

The study showed that over half of broadband users say they are using online and offline media simultaneously, turning to the internet to supplement other media such as radio, newspapers and television.

Broadband capabilities have sparked this “media meshing” trend, proving that the internet will not replace but will exist alongside traditional media.

Offline media consumption is being supplemented with broadband accessed internet for consumers to gain differing points of view on subjects learned about in other media, according to the study.

The research found high-speed internet access is having an impact on the way consumers approach their everyday lives with daily tasks being completed online.

By altering daily routines broadband is affecting marketing strategies and for marketers to reach consumers effectively they must develop integrated campaigns to communicate their message through various channels including online portals.

Meridith Jamin, director for consumer insights at Mediaedge:cia said: “Consumers are craving rich experiences, regardless of the channel that delivers them.

“The next frontier of integration is to take a message through the different media channels while adapting it to take advantage of what consumers most love about that particular channel.

“This will make for a richer, more compelling brand experience.”

By Amanda Lennon