Me and my internship: Samantha Hardy, Itch

Samantha Hardy, an intern at experiential agency Itch, explains what it is like to be an 'Itchtern'.

Samantha Hardy is now what the company calls an ‘Itchtern’
Samantha Hardy is now what the company calls an ‘Itchtern’

The thought of doing an internship as part of a degree was always something I found fascinating about my course, and it swayed me to study at Bournemouth University.

I remember Mike White, the founder and partner of Itch, coming in to do a guest lecture at the beginning of my second year, and instantly I knew that Itch was the type of company I wanted to intern with, as I have always been interested in experiential events.

All of the students in the lecture were so excited about the opportunity presented by Itch that I almost didn’t think I had a chance. Other companies had presented some amazing internships, but I knew it was important to push for the roles that really excited me. I know a few people who took the first thing offered to them and then regretted it.

After sending my CV in to Itch I was told that I had made it through to the next stage of applications, which involved creating an example newsletter called Snitch.

After being successful with my Snitch, which I have since gone on to write for the company, I became part of the final six. I was required to attend a one-hour interview that included a presentation to determine which interviewees would get the placement.

I am now what the company calls an ‘Itchtern’ and I am three months into my placement, which seems surreal. I never expected the time to go by as quick as it has. My day-to-day duties vary from completing purchase orders and researching brand activations to attending a brainstorm or organising the next staff social.

I was offered the chance to go to V Festival, where my role was ‘Angels Assistant Manager’ (Angels are Virgin Media employees that volunteer to help at the festival), and it was an amazing experience. I have always loved seeing an event being built from scratch and V Festival was one of the biggest things I had worked on – it was incredible.

My advice to anyone looking to intern within the events industry would definitely be to put time aside to work out what they are interested in. There are so many different agencies within the events sector and you’ll get the most out of your placement if you’re working for a company you are passionate about.

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