Introducing The A List 2020

But, please, wear this status lightly.

The A List: see who's in it this year
The A List: see who's in it this year

Well, congratulations: here you are, one of the leading players of your generation and quite possibly a role model for anyone flicking through this book aspiring to be in it.

Looking good, huh? Go ahead, bask in the glory for a few minutes, send a copy to your mum, show your mates. Then work out what you’re going to do with it, this privilege, this little bit of power.

Because we need strong leaders, brave decision-makers and potent advocates as never before, not just to steer a survival course for the industry but for the world around us too.

If you’re in this book, then you have the potential to corral power and love, to strap them together and wield them in the name of a better industry and a better future.

So wear it lightly, your A List status, but use it fiercely and boldly to drive positive change.

Claire Beale
Global editor-in-chief, Campaign

A whole new decade! If you are listed in these pages, you have the privilege of influence and the power of leadership to make the difference in the year ahead. Through intellect, through energy and through kindness – it all matters if we are to take advantage of the ambitious shipping lanes that continue to emerge and open up to us all.

Let’s make the very most of the opportunity to reinvent, reincarnate and reinvest in the future of this glorious sector. Let us not cling to the past and the familiar but instead embrace the possibilities waiting for our attention.

Take the meeting; do the favour; keep your minds open and keep your intentions optimistic. It is in the collective of brilliant minds and personal energy that we create tremendous progress and change.

Kathleen Saxton
Chief executive and founder, The Lighthouse Company

See The A List 2020 here

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