Invision extends ad sales management products to online

NEW YORK - Invision has launched an ad sales management system for digital media that allows media companies to manage online and cross-platform advertising inventory.

The DealMaker ad sales service includes deal management, inventory control, pricing optimisation, compliance, operational CRM analytics, business intelligence reporting and real-time delivery monitoring.

Invision said that DealMaker will help media companies increase the revenue yield on available advertising inventory on the broadcast side or the online side, or the two in tandem.

Christine Watkins, chief executive of Invision, said: "Our clients are operating in an increasingly dynamic business environment, and nowhere are the complexities more evident than when they attempt to bundle television and interactive ad inventory.

"Invision's DealMaker will allow our customers to satisfy these demands and increase the revenue yield on their entire suite of inventory beyond just television."

Invision has hired Michael Stoeckel as its vice-president of digital products to run the online and cross-platform operations.

Stoeckel had been vice-president of advertising innovations and operations for News Corp's Fox Interactive Media since 2005. Prior to News Corp, Stoeckel worked for 10 years at Time Warner.

He said: "Our goal is to not only become the leading provider of advertising sales solutions among websites, but also to provide customers with single-screen executions for cross-platform ad deals, combining elements of linear television with video-on-demand, website banners, broadband video and other interactive inventory."