IPA aims to strengthen creatives' involvement

The IPA is making its first significant move to end its alienation

from creatives by looking to appoint a senior executive charged with

bringing creativity into the heart of its activities.

The creative manager - the first in the agency body's 74-year history -

will strengthen links between the IPA and the IPA Creative Directors'

Forum, boost the involvement of creatives in IPA affairs and encourage

creative directors to speak at IPA events.

Greater involvement by the creative community, which has traditionally

steered clear of the IPA, is the top priority of the organisation's

newly appointed president, Bruce Haines, and Hamish Pringle, who

succeeded Nick Phillips as director-general this week.

Pringle said: "Not involving creatives has never been intentional. It's

just that the IPA is mostly concerned with 'suitish' stuff and creatives

aren't keen on committees."

He added: "We ought to be lionising our creative stars because it's they

who provide the magic in our business. Maybe it's taken a new president

and a new director-general to see that."

Pringle and Haines want to build on the campaigning work of the forum's

chairman, Chris O'Shea, who has been championing such issues in

advertising as the reform of the placement system to stop


"The person we're looking for may be a former head of creative services,

somebody who has been involved in TV production or a creative director's

PA," Pringle said.

Meanwhile, Pringle has confirmed that he will not be looking for a

replacement to fill his previous role as the IPA's director of marketing

strategy but will split the position between two new hirings.