IPA Awards: Bronze Award - Best Media: Nutella

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Title: Wake up to Nutella
Client: Ferrero UK
Entrant: Krow Communications
Authors: Malcolm White, Isabelle Leveque, Krow Communications
Contributing author: Nick Pugh, Billetts Marketing Investment Management
Media used: TV, national and regional newspapers, internet, PR

In a nutshell

By re-educating mums to view Nutella as a hazelnut spread and position itself as an acceptable breakfast choice, the campaign generated an estimated payback of £1.85 for every £1 spent.

Summary: Nutella could be seen as a popular part of the breakfast ritual in many countries, but in the UK the brand faced a problem - many mums saw it as a chocolate spread and classed it as a treat rather than a breakfast food. The solution was to re-educate mums to view Nutella as a hazelnut spread, and position it as an acceptable breakfast choice. The strategy framed information about the positive benefits of hazelnuts in the context of family breakfast time through TV, PR, sampling and promotions, among others. As a result, the campaign has attracted one million new customers to the brand and generated an estimated payback of £1.85 for every £1 spent.

Judge's comment: This case study shows how Nutella successfully repositioned the brand as a spread made with hazelnuts rather than chocolate. I was sufficiently motivated to go out and try some; it was more nutty than I thought.

- Angus Maciver, group marketing and communications director, Morrisons.