IPA Awards: Silver Award - Best Small Budget: Swinton Taxi Division

Title: Swinton Mystery Tipper campaign
Client: Swinton Group
Entrant: Red C
Authors: Adrian Rowe, Helen Lawson, Red C
Contributing authors: Katharine Allen, Amy Estcourt, Red C; David
Savage, Rhian Thomas, Swinton Group
Media used: Magazines, radio, internet, interactive, direct marketing,
sales promotion, PR, sponsorship, word of mouth, viral, search, ambient,

In a nutshell

This campaign used powerful iconic imagery to inject new life into the competitive world of taxi insurance and generated a payback of £4.31 per £1 spent.

Summary: Powerful imagery was used to inject new life into the fragmented and competitive arena of taxi insurance. After a period of rapid growth up to 2002, Swinton's Taxi Division had plateaued as a result of increasing competition in the market. The challenge was to increase the volume of policies sold by 10 per cent in 2008. The strategy was built around a central cartoon character inspired by Dick Tracy, with a hint of Jessica Rabbit - the Swinton Mystery Tipper - who visited towns and cities in the UK giving cab drivers a £1,000 cheque. Combining sales promotion, direct marketing and PR, the campaign created a sharp and sustainable rise in business for the brand by exploiting the effect of word of mouth on the cab ranks and in taxi offices across the country. The campaign generated a payback of £4.31 per £1 spent.

Judge's comment: The Swinton Taxi case interested the judges as it took the principles of digital media but did it in a traditional fashion to generate an excellent return on investment.

- Mark White, managing director, Five.