IPA Awards: Silver Award - The Broadbent Prize: British Heart Foundation

The Broadbent Prize for Best Dedication to Effectiveness, Sponsored by Warc - British Heart Foundation.

Title: Yoobot
Client: British Heart Foundation
Entrant: Grey London
Author: Peter Zezulka, Grey London
Media used: TV, out of home, internet, interactive, SMS mobile
marketing, direct marketing, PR, search

In a nutshell

By allowing children to experiment with the future effects of diet through 'Yoobot', an educational game, this campaign improved the diets of 78 per cent of the 11- to 13-year-olds who played.

Summary: Currently, one in three UK children is obese or overweight and, if this trend continues, it is predicted that 90 per cent of today's children will be by 2050. A radical change of approach from "telling" to "playing" helped the British Heart Foundation to set in place a generation's lifelong eating patterns and take steps towards tackling the obesity epidemic. The creative strategy involved "Yoobot", an educational game that allowed children to experiment with the future health effects of diet. Children could either care for their Yoobot or feed it into an early grave, quite literally, learning about the effects of diet and exercise on their long-term health along the way. More than one million children created Yoobots and 78 per cent of the 11- to 13-year-olds who played claimed to have improved their diet as a result.

Judge's comment: The judges were very impressed by this paper as it understood how kids learn through play and, in doing so, showed how to effectively change their eating habits. It was a clever campaign and a well-deserved winner.

- Jennelle Tilling, vice-president of marketing UK and Ireland, KFC, Yum! Restaurants International.