IPA Awards: Silver Award - The Broadbent Prize: Knorr

The Broadbent Prize for Best Dedication to Effectiveness, Sponsored by Warc - Knorr.

Title: Why it's still good to invest in the stock market
Client: Unilever
Entrant: JWT
Author: Nicole Rulka, JWT
Contributing author: Orlando Hooper-Greenhill, JWT
Media used: TV, national newspapers, magazines, sales promotion, search

In a nutshell

By showing Knorr Stock Pot not as a premium cube but as a convenient alternative to stock made from scratch, this campaign generated a ROMI of 1.28:1.

Summary: Knorr faced a challenge when it launched its new Knorr Stock Pot: communications needed to convince a seemingly happy stock-cube user to trade up to the new product, while minimising cannibalisation of Knorr's existing range. The strategic solution was to show the Knorr Stock Pot not as a premium cube, but as a convenient alternative to stock made from scratch. The creative treated the Knorr Stock Pot in a different way from how standard cubes had been communicated; first the campaign made a hero of the Stock Pot by treating it as food, rather than an ingredient, and then it replaced "mum" as the ultimate authority on homemade taste with Marco Pierre White, the Michelin-starred chef. The campaign generated a ROMI of 1.28:1, and payback of the project's total costs is expected to be achieved three years earlier than intended.

Judge's comment: The Knorr case study was a very well-put-together paper and a good example of how to think through the challenges of launching a new product in an established market.

- Sophie Castell, former head of marketing, RNIB.