IPA Awards: Sponsors' Statements

With thanks

The IPA would like to thank its sponsors for their continuing support for this most rigorous of competitions and, in particular, our overall awards sponsor, Thinkbox.

It's hard to imagine a more important awards scheme than the IPA Effectiveness Awards right now. As advertising budgets come under unprecedented pressure, we all need as much proof of advertising's direct and immediate contribution to the bottom line as we can get.

Understandably, advertisers are looking for a positive return on their marketing investment to appear rather faster than at less challenging times. But we must not forget that those companies in the best state to survive - and even thrive from - the storm are those that have nurtured their brand.

This year's awards are concentrating on smaller budgets for the first time. When budgets are tight, it can be tempting to reduce spend on rigorous analysis. Small advertisers tend to rely too much on "countability", which is not the same as effectiveness.

At Thinkbox, we know that we have a duty to demonstrate TV's undimmed effectiveness within the integrated marketing mix, and we invest in substantial pieces of research to do so, from the likes of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Data2Decisions and others. Our latest piece of research, conducted for us by MediaCom, helps advertisers understand TV's - often undervalued - contribution to short-term response, and shows how web response to DRTV needs different optimisation to phone response. If you would like to see any of our original research, covering a range of broadcast TV and new TV platform topics, please get in touch by visiting www.thinkbox.tv, where you can register to stay up to date with TV's developments. If you would like more personal advice, please e-mail us at info@thinkbox.tv.

Congratulations and thanks to all the winners for digging beneath the surface to uncover what drives advertising effectiveness. TV depends on that depth of understanding to get the credit that it deserves.

- Tess Alps, chief executive, Thinkbox

Warc, the official publisher of the IPA Effectiveness Awards, is the knowledge store for the industry and ensures that the most effective campaigns continue to provide inspiration for the winners of the future.

Warc.com contains the complete archive of winners from 1980, easily searchable by campaign objective, brand or product category, while the Advertising Works series showcases the award winners in print.

Warc.com is a unique online service for marketing people around the world. It is relied upon by major creative and media agency networks, market research companies, media owners, multinational advertisers and business schools to help tackle any marketing challenge.

Warc.com gives you access to thousands of case studies, revealing the campaign strategies of leading brands. You can read articles and best practice guides that explain the "how" and "why" of marketing challenges, or find market intelligence, including ad forecasts, brand profiles, conference reports and other material on top advertisers, brands and agencies.

In the increasingly complex world of marketing, Warc helps you make sense of change, provides stimulus for your thinking, lets you see what's on the horizon and helps you make your case.

- For more information, please visit www.warc.com.

Donovan Data Systems is proud to sponsor the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2009. Helping our clients work effectively and efficiently is what we do. We're behind some of the world's most successful advertising agencies, media specialists, media owners, advertisers, PR firms and direct response and recruitment agencies, helping them navigate the ever-changing world of marketing communications. Our long-term expertise in media buying, digital advertising and agency workflow ensures they have the edge.

From creative brief to billing and paying, our systems make the business of creating great advertising simpler, more efficient and cost effective. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we're taking care of the process, while they get on with delivering strategy and results.

Our 40-year record of innovation is based on knowing how advertising works, how the industry is changing and what our clients want. We spend $25 million each year on research, developing innovative applications such as BrandOcean and iDesk that support agencies in the digital age.

While we pride ourselves on every new business win, most of our clients have chosen to work with us for years, some since the day we opened our doors. Since 1967, the one constant for our clients and our people has been change. Together, they've built lasting relationships based on commitment, insight and shared achievement.

- To find out more, pay a visit to www.dds.co.uk.

Campaign, dubbed the bible of the advertising industry, is proud to be a sponsor of the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

The UK's leading media, marketing and advertising magazine, Campaign has been championing excellence in the communications industry since it launched back in 1968. Over the years, its editorial remit has broadened to embrace not only advertising creativity but the media business, the direct marketing sector and the burgeoning digital arena, too.

And now, our website, www.campaignlive.co.uk, covers the ad industry 24/7.

While our editorial focus remains to inform, stimulate and provoke, Campaign also recognises the business imperatives that drive communications strategies and underpins its entire editorial approach with a keen business understanding.

And as the communications industry has steadily become a global business, Campaign's international coverage and reach have grown to reflect this larger canvas. With several bespoke editions in key emerging advertising markets, Campaign is becoming an international brand in its own right.

Campaign remains the only fully paid-for title in its field.

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