IPA Effectiveness Awards 2005: Bronze Award - Fox's Rocky

FOX'S ROCKY Campaign: Rocky R Client: Fox's Biscuits Agency: PWLC Principal author: Paul Stallard Media used: TV


This paper shows how advertising halted a decline in sales of Fox's Rocky biscuits. Until October 2003, sales were in rapid decline. The campaign engaged eight- to 11-year-olds and their mothers. Rocky's sales increased relative to trends in the rest of the sector and the product's performance in previous years. It achieved an increase in audience penetration, market share, spontaneous brand awareness and propensity to buy among consumers in the target market. The sales increases were significantly greater in the regions where the TV commercials appeared. The return on investment was as much as 3:1.


"This campaign reversed weakening sales and share in a declining category and made the brand less dependent on promotions. The paper demonstrated good proof at various levels and good use of regional and timing data.

This paper was the only one to discuss seasonality and did an excellent job of eliminating other factors to isolate the effect of the advertising.

"On a more personal note, the campaign passed my own acid test - my kids have started taking Rocky bars to school."

- Dominic Twose, global head of knowledge management, Millward Brown.