IPA Effectiveness Awards 2005: Bronze Award - Noise Awareness

NOISE AWARENESS Campaign: Too loud Client: Environment and Heritage Service Northern Ireland Agency: LyleBailie International Principal authors: David Lyle, Julie Anne Bailie, Andrea Carrigan, Dawn Reid, LyleBailie International Media used: TV, press


The "Too loud" campaign had to make lots of advertising noise to communicate its message that victims of nuisance noise should contact their council for help. The campaign delivered a 56 per cent awareness level and a survey found that 77 per cent of those asked said the campaign influenced them.

This was underscored by growth in the number of complaints received by District Councils. Complaints over the campaign period increased by 44 per cent against the same period in 2004. The campaign ran for just four weeks but generated exceptional results, proving the media and creative struck the right note.


"There was an interesting strategy at the heart of this paper: instead of asking the noise-makers to change their habits, the advertising targeted the victims and encouraged them to take the correct action against noisy neighbours.

"The results were proven articulately in LyleBailie's paper: complaints rose by 44 per cent in the campaign period despite a budget of less than £50,000. The relationship between the activity and tracking was strong, and the paper in general was easy to read."

- Francesca Newland, deputy editor, Campaign.