IPA Effectiveness Awards 2005: Bronze Award - Scottish Power

SCOTTISHPOWER Campaign: Energising the energy people Client: ScottishPower Agency: The Bridge Principal author: Alan Clarke With contribution from: Brian Crook Media used: TV, outdoor, press


Advertising played a vital part in helping ScottishPower become one of the UK's leading energy supply companies. The campaign had an internal role in helping align various departments and an external role in re-establishing the brand as the key player and helping it "own" the crucial territory of value for money. The result was that losses fell, acquisitions improved and overall customer numbers in Scotland grew by 11 per cent, a return on investment of 1,600 per cent. Across the UK, customers increased from four million to five million, giving the company the critical mass enjoyed by other parts of its portfolio.


"This paper demonstrates a well planned and integrated campaign targeting internal and external audiences. The judges were impressed by a number of aspects. First, the use of previous experience, together with new research and insights, to produce a highly focused campaign. Second, the analysis of intermediate measures, such as awareness and image, to demonstrate the impact of the campaign clearly. Finally, the impressive growth in customer numbers in a competitive and hitherto undifferentiated market."

- Chris Cowpe, consultant.