IPA Effectiveness Awards 2006: Silver Award - Bakers Complete

Campaign title: Bakers Complete
Client: Nestle Purina Petcare
Agency: Burkitt DDB
Author: Susan Poole, Burkitt DDB
Contributing Author: David Bassett, DDB Matrix
Media used: TV, cinema

IN A NUTSHELL: 32 per cent average year- on-year growth, 16-fold increase in market share, and now the country's second-biggest dog food brand.

SUMMARY: In 1994 Edward Baker Petfoods appointed Burkitt DDB, which successfully unlocked the potential of Bakers Complete. Before Burkitt DDB were appointed, Edward Baker Petfoods held only a 0.6 per cent share of the UK dog food market, there was no awareness of the advertising and just 20 per cent of dog owners were aware of the brand. Over the past 11 years, however, Bakers has grown by an average 32 per cent year on year, has increased market share 16-fold and is now the country's second-biggest dog food brand. It has improved its in-store presence and successfully relaunched other products under the Bakers banner. Econometric modelling gives a conservative estimation of £75 million in incremental revenue contributed by advertising over the period.

JUDGE'S COMMENT: Bakers is a pretty sensational FMCG story that shows how an advertising campaign, built over 11 years, took a brand from obscurity to number two in the market. Based on good insight, the communications not only created a brand leader but increased the size of the market. The proof of the success of the campaign was extremely sound and shows that long-term loyalty to an advertising campaign can pay dividends.

- Alexandra Lewis, marketing director, Sky Networks.