IPA Effectiveness Awards 2006: Silver Award - Travelocity.co.uk

Campaign title: Hello world, hello sales
Client: Travelocity.co.uk
Agency: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
Authors: Dominic Hall and Andy Nairn, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
Media used: TV, print, outdoor, interactive, PR, radio, ambient, viral,

IN A NUTSHELL: The campaign had an almost immediate effect on growth, boosting sales by 135 per cent and market share by 44 per cent. The ROI was £5.60 for every £1 spent.

SUMMARY: This paper reminds us that communications can sometimes have an almost immediate effect on growth. Travelocity started in 2004 as a little-known travel brand, overshadowed by its higher spending rivals and without any sense of differentiation. But the company saw an opportunity to create a step-change for the business. By targeting regular online travellers who had been neglected by the competition, Travelocity was able to corner the market by stressing its own expertise and by using the ultimate travel aficionado - Alan Whicker - to convey this positioning. After 15 months, Travelocity boosted brand awareness by 54 per cent, consideration by 36 per cent, visits by 123 per cent, unique visitors by 86 per cent, sales by 135 per cent and market share by 44 per cent. The ROI was £5.60 for every £1 spent.

JUDGE'S COMMENT: The case for Travelocity shows the power of marketing to create a popular, household brand and, in this case, do it within a short period of time. The use of Alan Wicker added interest in a multi-channel campaign. The growth was strong and the increase in market share was impressive.

- Mike Short, vice-president, research and development, O2.