IPA Effectiveness Awards 2006: Silver Award - Tropicana Pure Premium

Campaign title: New York
Client: Pepsico
Agency: DDB London
Authors: Alex Huzzey, DDB London; Julia Wood, DDB Matrix
Contributing Authors: Les Binet, DDB Matrix; Sarah Carter, DDB London;
Marcia Garcia and Rachel Leaver, AC Nielsen
Media used: TV, print, DM

IN A NUTSHELL: A new set of positive emotions and associations around Tropicana delivered a return of £1.83 for every £1 spent.

SUMMARY: This paper explains how effective TV advertising can be - here it got mouths watering, feet tapping and people incessantly humming a tune lodged in their minds while they went about their lives. Images of Manhattan at dawn got people dreaming, and the sheer pleasure in all this subtly lifted their mood long after they turned off their TV. The result was a new set of positive emotions and associations around Tropicana that resulted in the reversal of share decline, with people happy to pay more for their orange juice and a delivery on return of £1.83 in revenue for every £1 spent on advertising. This paper serves as a reminder of the power of television advertising.

JUDGE'S COMMENT: Tropicana cornered the market with this predominantly TV-based campaign. The scale of effect was high and the returns were good. This was a strong paper that shows how TV drives sales, particularly when distribution is being extended.

- Mike Short, vice-president, research and development, O2.