IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Bronze Awards - Aqua Optima

Title: How crystal clear thinking stopped a drought
Client: Strix
Agency: BJL Group
Authors: Karen Staniland, Ian Mitchell, Thomas Hill, BJL Group; Mark
Finnie, Strix
Contributing authors: Trevor Lorains, BJL Group; Marcus Leigh, BJL Group
Media used: TV

In a nutshell: Aqua Optima's campaign increased its share of the water-filter kettle category from 20 per cent to 55 per cent between summer 2006 and January 2007.

Summary: Aqua Optima, a manufacturer of the filters used in water-filter kettles, was a component brand in a small product category. This category was facing a difficult future with both host brands and key retailers losing interest. Talk of delisting and withdrawal from the market provided the context for difficult sales meetings with partner brands and retailers. By identifying and communicating the key health benefits of drinking filtered water for consumers, the "crystal clear thinking" campaign allowed a component brand with a small budget to make a significant impact on a category with unrecognised potential. The campaign led to the rise of Aqua Optima's share of the water-filter kettle category, taking it from 20 per cent to 55 per cent between summer 2006 and January 2007.

Judge's comment: An interesting study on the challenges peculiar to a component brand. A brave and bold approach, this paper illustrates how to turn a brand around on a small budget, so ensuring renewed interest from trade, appliance manufacturers and consumers alike.

Rob Furness senior vice-president of sales and marketing, Deepstream; formerly general manager of non-floor care, Dyson.