IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Bronze Awards - Coca-Cola Zero

Title: A new product launch without the downside
Client: Coca-Cola Great Britain
Agencies: Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest, Vizeum UK
Authors: Louise Cook, Holmes & Cook; Zoe Hamilton, Vallance Carruthers
Coleman Priest
Contributing authors: Michael Dick, Coca-Cola; Jason Briggs, Vallance
Carruthers Coleman Priest; Matthew Hook, Vizeum UK
Media used: TV, national newspapers, out of home, internet, PR

In a nutshell: Young men were won over by "Great Coke taste, Zero Sugar", making Coca-Cola Zero the most successful new food and beverage launch in the past three years.

Summary: Coca-Cola Great Britain identified growing consumer demand, particularly from young men, for more choice in the light/no calorie sparkling soft drink/beverages category. In June 2006, Coca-Cola Great Britain launched Coca-Cola Zero, which targeted men aged between 20 and 35. This paper outlines how VCCP and Vizeum UK produced a concentrated national media strategy, a clear engaging communication of "Great Coke taste, zero sugar" and a motivated trade launch. The Coca-Cola Zero launch advertising built great awareness and demand for Coca-Cola Zero and, according to ACNielsen figures, is the most successful new food and beverage launch within the past three years.

Judge's comment: This paper was interesting in that the consequences of failure would have been great for the brand owner. The fact that Coke Zero not only avoided such a fate but turned out to be one of the most successful product launches of recent years, was in no small measure due to the advertising. The data clearly shows that the campaign grew the brand and the market, without cannibalising sales from other Coke variants.

Alison Jones marketing director, Debenhams.