IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Bronze Awards - Erskine

Title: On the offensive. How marketing helped Erskine increase its
Client: Erskine
Agency: The Bridge
Author: Brian Crook, The Bridge
Media used: Regional newspapers, radio, out of home

In a nutshell: Heightening awareness and support of Erskine lead to an increase in general donations from £1.47 million to £3.04 million, the number of donors by 20 per cent and an ROMI of 500 per cent.

Summary: This paper by The Bridge demonstrates how a charity for ex-Service men and women reduced its reliance on legacies and widened its donor base; how qualitative and quantitative research informed the strategy and measured effectiveness; and how an increase in awareness and understanding increased both the volume and value of general donations. In his introduction to the 2006 Annual Report, the chairman of Erskine, James Scott, said: "Awareness of Erskine reached an all-time high in 2006 through a highly successful advertising campaign. This heightened awareness resulted in an increase in people across Scotland keen to support our work." General donations increased from £1.47 million to £3.04 million, the number of donors increased by 20 per cent and the campaign has produced an ROMI of 500 per cent.

Judge's comment: This paper epitomised the standard of entry required to make it to this part of the competition. It had some good key learnings coupled with a well presented case in what is arguably a difficult category.

Marc Lawn head of marketing services, Britvic.