IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Bronze Awards - Historic Scotland

Title: Blasts from the past - bringing history to life for Historic
Client: Historic Scotland
Agency: The Union Advertising Agency
Author: Pauline Lamb, The Union Advertising Agency
Contributing author: Giles Moffatt, The Union Advertising Agency
Media used: TV, radio, out of home, internet, sales promotion, PR

In a nutshell: By breathing new life into events at Historic Scotland's properties, this campaign produced an ROMI of £16 for every £1 spent for "The 2006 Free Weekend Event", and the highest growth rate in years of lucrative annual memberships.

Summary: Historic Scotland was faced with a downturn in visitor numbers, waning interest in historical buildings and greater competition from other "days out". Choosing to focus their marketing strategy on meeting the needs of a modern audience, they created a calendar of events which gave them reasons to communicate and reasons for new people to try out Historic Scotland's properties. This paper shows that by breathing new life into the brand and re-engaging with the Scottish public, Historic Scotland had the highest growth rate in years of lucrative annual memberships. This generated an ROMI of £16 for every £1 spent for one of their key events, "The 2006 Free Weekend Event".

Judge's comment: This demonstrates you don't have to have big budgets to deliver a strong result. It undoubtedly used the best qualities of the proposition coupled with good tactical thinking and delivery. This paper was presented in a user-friendly format.

Marc Lawn head of marketing services, Britvic.