IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Bronze Awards - Pilkington Activ

Title: Johnny Nash and his crystal ball
Client: Pilkington
Agency: BJL Group
Authors: Ian Mitchell, Paul Bentley, Thomas Hill, BJL Group; Matt
Buckley, Pilkington
Contributing author: Lisa Nichols, BJL Group
Media used: TV, national newspapers, magazines, internet, direct
marketing, sales promotion, PR

In a nutshell: Raising awareness among consumers and the trade, Pilkington Activ's campaign led to increased sales of its self-cleaning glass by more than 360 per cent.

Summary: This paper outlines the advertising campaign for Pilkington Activ, a self-cleaning glass that uses the combined action of rain and daylight in order to keep itself clean. The campaign successfully integrated the client and agency teams into a single project team united by a clear common goal, and demonstrated how a broader view, coupled with a co-ordinated approach, can optimise the impact of all communication channels by targeting the critical stages in the sales chain. It also shows how the Pro-Activ team were able to create and implement an integrated communications plan. This plan raised awareness, confidence and propensity to purchase among consumers. It also promoted stronger engagement and commitment from the trade. In total, the campaign increased sales by more than 360 per cent.

Judge's comment: What was really evident from this paper was the strong interaction between both the consumer and trade channels, as well as how well this worked. This campaign was able to galvanise Pilkington's workforce at shop-floor level and resulted in strong and obvious sales effects. A clever piece of business.

Catrina Sheridan former head of marketing for Ireland, BT.