IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Gold Award - Best Small Budget - Scottish Executive

Title: Life after death - the difficult business of signing people up
for organ donation
Client: Scottish Executive
Agency: The Union Advertising Agency
Author: Giles Moffatt, The Union Advertising Agency
Contributing authors: Dr Stephen Tagg, University of Strathclyde;
Gillian Govan, The Union Advertising Agency
Media used: Regional newspapers, radio, out of home, internet, sales
promotion, PR

In a nutshell: Inventive and brave communications planning and a powerful creative produced an ROMI of £1.9 million on a spend of £340,000

Summary: Most people are "in favour" of organ donation, but few sign up. If individuals are not on the register, the likelihood that their organs will be used for transplant is greatly reduced. Using an inventive approach to comms planning and powerful creative, this paper shows how Scottish people signed up faster than the rest of the UK. A roadshow took the campaign to regional towns, with media coverage and direct response activity "hot-housing" areas of Scotland on a rolling basis. The campaign produced an ROMI of £1.9 million on a spend of £340,000 and has shown why future investment in communications will be crucial if the UK is to address the shortage of organs available for transplantation.

Judge's comment A very well written paper for what was a difficult task. It demonstrates how an original approach can make a small budget work very hard. The creative was clearly derived from great insight and understanding and this powerful creative was complemented by a compelling channel strategy. This is an object lesson in how to generate momentum by capitalising on engaging creative and remaining flexible to the opportunities presented as the story takes hold.

Chris Harley Martin vice-president, marketing and innovation, GSK Nutritional Healthcare.