IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Gold Award - The Charles Channon Award for Best New Learning

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Title: How generation "Why should I care?" came to care about E4's Skins
Client: Channel 4
Agency 4 Creative
Authors: James Walker, 4 Creative; Joanna Bamford, consultant
Contributing authors Simon Hankin, Andrew Stirk, Holler; Jonny Mackay,
OMD UK; Ben Milligan, Naked Communications; Cameron Saunders, Lindsay
Nuttall, Greg Smith, Richard Helyar, Channel 4 Television Corporation
Media used: TV, national newspapers, regional newspapers, magazines

In a nutshell: Bringing the show's characters to life brought the campaign £1.6 million in incremental value and a long-term projection of £1.80 for every £1 spent

Summary: This paper is an example of a campaign that "got it right" with generation "Why should I care?". As Medialife 2006 put it, this is a generation that "embraces technology as an essential part of their lifestyle. You are a guest in their attention span, bore them and they will ruthlessly filter you out. Get it right and they will actively market to each other." Rather than just promoting the show, the campaign brought the characters and their lives to life through social networking sites, virals, targeted outdoor, TV, press and PR activities. It is projected that it will generate £4.6 million, a return of £1.80 for every £1 spent.

Judge's comment: This was an extremely thorough and well-written paper and overall a very impressive piece of work. The analysis of the campaign was technically very detailed, complete and well presented. All the key influencing factors were isolated and reviewed and a particular strength was the analysis of all the media channels and the competitive context. The paper also included a review of the online activity, a key part of the campaign. This all resulted in the development of good insights and well-supported conclusions. An excellent entry, summarising a well-executed campaign.

Chris MacLeod head of group marcomms, Transport for London.