IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Gold Award - Grand Prix - Sponsored by Thinkbox

Title: Making a small budget go a long way
Client: Metropolitan Police Service
Agencies: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, MediaCom
Authors: Andy Nairn, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy; Matt Buttrick,
Media used: TV, regional newspapers, magazines, radio, out of home,
cinema, internet, direct marketing, PR, word of mouth

In a nutshell: Calls with intelligence on gun crime rose by 86 per cent and gun crime in London has been reduced by 15 per cent

Summary: This paper tells how the Metropolitan Police Service used communications to tackle black community gun crime in London. Working together, MCBD and MediaCom developed a three-year strategy for engaging streetwise black males, aged 14-24, in selected London boroughs. Using the rallying cry "Stop the guns", communications dramatised the effects of gun crime, encouraged people to come forward with information and challenged the glamorous imagery surrounding guns. Creative media was central to the strategy, incorporating everything from petrol pumps to a music video. As a result, calls with intelligence on gun crime were boosted by 86 per cent, and thousands of young people were engaged with the campaign. Overall, there has been a sea-change in community attitudes, helping reduce gun crime in London by 15 per cent since the campaign began.

Judge's comment: This is a wonderful example of the power of advertising as a force for good. It galvanised a whole community into action by generating a change in attitudes. This was achieved on a limited budget, with a difficult subject matter, and a hard-to-reach target audience. This is more than just an immediate return on marketing investment; it has left a lasting legacy.

Phil Smith - managing director, Musgrave Budgens Londis UK.