IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Silver Award - Best Idea - Sponsored by Xtreme Information Best New Client

Title: The Magners Effect
Client: C&C
Agency: Media Planning Group
Authors: Martyn Stokes, Simon Jenkins, Media Planning Group
Contributing author: Mark Nolan, Young Euro RSCG
Media used: TV, radio, out of home, sponsorship, word of mouth

In a nutshell: In the three years since launch, Magners has become the number one selling packaged, long, alcoholic drink in the UK, and the campaign has delivered an ROMI of up to £26.93 for every £1 invested.

Summary: This paper demonstrates how the successful Magners campaign was founded on the combination of a solid product and proposition, which identified an opportunity in the market for "premium" cider, and an integrated sales and marketing programme. Using a high-impact and engaging communications strategy, the advertising was used on a regional "colonise and conquer" basis to generate mass consumer demand. In the three years since it launched, Magners has become the top-selling packaged, long, alcoholic drink in the UK on-trade and has rejuvenated the cider category. The advertising delivered an ROMI of up to £26.93 for every £1 invested and the C&C share price rose from EUR2 to EUR12 by the end of 2006.

Judge's comment: This paper is a clear example of a brand that has completely reinvigorated a whole sector. Its multi-layered media approach and excellent execution generated great PR, almost universal awareness by its core target market and a boom in sales for the makers of black bottles! As a result, a whole new market has burgeoned for this drinks category. Its unequivocal sales success has led to much competitor imitation. A fantastic success story. It's everywhere!

Andy Barnes sales director, Channel 4.