IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Silver Award - Brother

Title: Taking on the big boys by thinking small
Client: Brother UK
Agency: BDH\TBWA
Authors: Rob Gray, Peter Harris, BDH\TBWA
Media used: TV, internet, PR, sponsorship

In a nutshell: Television advertising and sponsorship focused on the growing market of small businesses and homeworkers, generating £15.2 million in incremental retail sales and paying for itself 2.3 times over

Summary: As a challenger brand up against large competitors with deep pockets, finding a way to make a smaller budget deliver standout was difficult. This paper shows how Brother was able to achieve this by focusing on a target audience overlooked by its competitors; the growing market of small businesses and homeworkers. It also shows how when used together, TV advertising and sponsorship can achieve a big impact among a focused audience. The campaign generated £15.2 million in incremental retail sales and paid for itself 2.3 times over.

Judge's comment: With increasing commoditisation of computer peripherals, Brother segmented its printer market and identified a sector, together with a message, that clearly resonated with customers. It was able to create standout to a select group of people running small businesses or working from home. With a powerful use of sponsorship, the campaign was executed well, generated good results and was backed up by robust econometrics. A convincing paper showing how success can be achieved through focus despite a competitive environment with overtly similar models from each competitor.

Rob Furness senior vice-president of sales and marketing, Deepstream; formerly general manager of non-floor care, Dyson.