IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Silver Award - Ryvita Minis

Title: How the Ryvita "Big taste mini waist" campaign featuring Fern
Britton created larger than expected benefits for Ryvita
Client: Ryvita
Agency: Mortimer Whittaker O'Sullivan Advertising
Author: Dom Boyd, Mortimer Whittaker O'Sullivan Advertising
Contributing authors Mike Willis, Mortimer Whittaker O'Sullivan
Advertising; Mike Campbell, Ninah Consulting; Katie Rason, Ryvita; Emma
Russell, ZenithOptimedia Group
Media used: TV

In a nutshell: The launch brought more than two million new consumers back into the Ryvita brand generating a £1.91 return for every £1 invested and a £4.07 million additional profit

Summary: This paper demonstrates the power of a creative idea to re-engineer a brand's destiny, turning the fundamental premise of the brand's diet heritage upside down. The Ryvita "Big taste mini waist" TV campaign achieved this by using a celebrity well known for being big, Fern Britton, and positioning Ryvita Minis as an enjoyable snack you can celebrate eating. By generating consumer reappraisal, Minis exceeded their targets. Following the launch, Minis has grown into a £9 million business with more than 25 per cent market share, bringing more than two million new consumers back into the Ryvita brand. The campaign generated a £1.91 return for every £1 invested and £4.07 million additional profit for Ryvita.

Judge's comment: The task was daunting - a classic case of brand recovery from dated origins. The appeal to younger women worked well. Using Fern Britton was a well-thought-through tactic and getting the brand featured on The Catherine Tate Show was a PR coup. The TV blitz was predictable in effect but justified given the turnaround needed. The campaign also benefited from diligent use of data, making good use of evidence from the econometric modelling and the semiotics research.

Roger Williams head of marketing, Scottish Executive.