IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Silver Award - The Simon Broadbent Award

Best Dedication to Effectiveness to PZ Cussons Sponsored by WARC

Title: It takes 2,997 words to make one zesty case study for Original
Client: PZ Cussons
Agency: BDH\TBWA
Authors: Lorna Hawtin, Peter Harris, BDH\TBWA
Media used: TV, national newspapers, magazines, internet

In a nutshell: TV advertising generated incremental retail sales of £657,000 by December 2006, and £1.6 million over three years

Summary: This paper explores how BDH\TBWA stimulated the growth of Original Source without diluting its values, nor the strength of the relationship it had with its consumers. It achieved this by creating an original campaign that retained the brand's "cult" feel. The strategy enabled consumers to discover the brand as they had always done, but in greater numbers. This was done via a bold, disruptive creative idea, exposed in an unconventional manner via a conventional medium - TV. The TV advertising generated incremental retail sales of £657,000 by December 2006, with the total impact of advertising reaching £1.6 million over three years. This paper demonstrates that a disruptive approach can make a measurable difference for smaller brands.

Judge's comment: A well-written paper, telling how this brand has made a name for itself in a tough market. Demonstrating a robust strategy and a well-branded creative approach, this campaign had a very strong commercial effect. In particular, the econometric analysis was very impressive, as was the use of accountancy measures to calculate return on marketing investment: overall, the paper demonstrated just the kind of business rigour that these Awards are designed to reward.

Alison Jones marketing director, Debenhams.