IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007: Sponsor Statements

With thanks

The IPA would like to thank all its sponsors for their continuing support for this most rigorous of competitions, and in particular our overall sponsor Thinkbox.

Thinkbox is proud to be sponsoring these prestigious Awards for the third year running. Any medium can deliver effective advertising, working best when used in a multimedia, integrated campaign. But our belief is that TV is at the heart of effective advertising. We call it effecTVness.

2007 has been a very good year for television. On behalf of the IPA, Les Binet and Peter Field published Marketing in the Era of Accountability; an analysis of 880 IPA Effectiveness Awards entries over three decades, with key learnings on the most important issues that face marketers, including how to assess true effectiveness. One of its conclusions was that TV is a highly effective and efficient medium, and is becoming more so over time. So we are delighted to see that TV features in 15 of this year's 18 winning papers.

In particular, the Ryvita Minis campaign reveals how impressive results can be achieved through using TV as the sole medium. Furthermore, the Historic Scotland campaign demonstrates how a tactical use of TV on a limited budget breathed new life into the brand.

However, what matters more to us is that the depth and rigour of these case studies highlight the value of investing in building brands. They calculate return on marketing investment (ROMI) not just in terms of immediate sales but in increased profitability. Some entries also attempt to calculate the long-term financial return that a strong brand can deliver to shareholders. TV is good at building brands and producing payback over time because of its unique ability to stir emotion and send messages straight into long-term memory.

Many of tonight's excellent case studies demonstrate TV working for a range of product sectors, budgets and tasks, and how the variety of creative TV formats work together. They also show TV can provide the narrative spine and creative catalyst for other media and how it drives response via other channels.

Thinkbox is here to help customers use TV more successfully as we believe it is the most effective medium. We can help you keep up with TV's growth through new platforms and new formats. Please visit our website, www.thinkbox.tv. which has a wealth of facts, case studies, advice and information about our major research projects. You can also register there if you would like us to keep you up to date with the exciting developments in TV. But if you would like more personal and bespoke free advice or presentations, please e-mail us at info@thinkbox.tv.

Congratulations to all tonight's winners, and I hope you're already compiling the evidence to write the entries for next year.

- WARC is proud to be the official publisher of the IPA Effectiveness Awards. Agencies and advertisers rely on WARC as a source of critical industry knowledge and insight.

Our online service, WARC.com, is the world's largest single source of intelligence on effective marketing. It spans more than 45,000 substantial papers and case studies from 50 international sources, providing information on communications effectiveness, marketing and brand strategy, media planning, market research and consumer behaviour.

The winning campaigns from the 2007 IPA Awards are now available in full at WARC.com, alongside more than 1,000 case studies from previous IPA Effectiveness Awards. By acting as a knowledge store for the industry, WARC.com ensures that the most effective campaigns continue to provide inspiration for the winners of the future.

Find out more at www.warc.com.

- Royal Mail is delighted to support the 2007 IPA Effectiveness Awards, a great place to celebrate advertising that actually works.

The rise of online communities, the renewed interest in word of mouth, and the lengths some consumers will go to actively avoid commercial messages, has created enormous headaches for creative and marketing departments alike. Five years ago you would be forgiven for thinking the Grim Reaper was heading for direct mail. Yet as DM remains very popular, it could be argued the novelty of electronic channels is wearing off, and the future lies in the integration of physical and electronic media.

At a recent B2B marketing debate on the merits of physical vs electronic, the audience of 60 senior marketers voted three to one in favour of direct mail. They saw great value in mail's ability to cut through and engage an audience, and, through great creativity, command quality time. With our ability to deliver to all of the UK's 27 million addresses every day, and with services designed to drive even better business results, Royal Mail continues to play an increasingly important role in supporting advertiser and agency alike, and we are fully committed to helping you to improve your results.

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