IPA Effectiveness Awards 2008: Bronze Award - learndirect


This paper reveals how learndirect launched a free and independent telephone and web-based Careers Advice service in January 2006. A multimedia campaign was created that took a fresh approach in a category characterised by brands promoting their functional service attributes and/or the possible financial returns on offer. The resulting 'Jigsaw' campaign instead showed that learndirect empathised with the incompleteness people can feel with their jobs and careers. Using simple images of people with jigsaw-piece shapes missing from them, the campaign consciously sought approachability over creative wizardry and has already generated a £40 million payback.


The learndirect case study is a worthy campaign that shows how the effects of marketing can give significant benefits to the workforce.

- Jo Kenrick, marketing and customer proposition director, B&Q

Title: Careers advice from learndirect: The whole story about being
Client: UFI
Entrant: RKCR/Y&R
Author: Jon Tipple, RKCR/Y&R
Contributing author: Wanda Gregorek, Brand Science
Media used: TV, radio, internet, interactive, DM, PR, sponsorship


learndirect's 'Jigsaw' campaign emphasised the incompleteness people feel with their careers, generating payback of £40 million.