IPA Effectiveness Awards 2008: Gold Award - Best Integration - Sainsbury's

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Sainsbury's achieved a sales-led recovery and delivered £2.5 billion extra revenue by asking customers to 'Try something new today', encouraging each shopper to spend a little extra every time they shopped. Customers were 'sleep-shopping', in a rut with the things they buy and cook. 'Try something new today' gave customers simple new ideas to try. The strategy restored the effectiveness of Sainsbury's TV advertising but, more importantly, it inspired Sainsbury's 150,000 staff to encourage customers to try new things. The success of this campaign has generated £550 million in sales over two years.


Sainsbury's was an excellent case that had a very clear objective to change people's shopping behaviour and worked well across all channels. The idea for the advertising strategy was threaded throughout the organisation, from the internal managers to the external customers, and enabled Sainsbury's to improve its business results.

- Andy Gilson, marketing director, General Motors

Title: How an idea helped make Sainsbury's great again
Client: Sainsbury's
Entrant: Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO
Authors: Tom Roach, Craig Mawdsley, Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO
Contributing author: Jane Dorsett, Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO
Media used: TV, national and regional newspapers, magazines, radio, out
of home, internet, DM, sales promotion, sponsorship, instore, free
recipe cards


By encouraging customers to 'Try something new today', the campaign achieved a sales-led recovery and delivered £2.5 billion extra revenue.