IPA Effectiveness Awards 2008: Silver Award - Activia


This paper demonstrates how Activia went from a niche player worth £26.3 million a year to a brand with sales worth over £120 million in just three-and-a-half years. Launched in 1999, Activia is unique for being a yoghurt containing a probiotic culture that has digestive benefits. Using a testimonial approach in its core TV campaign to discuss digestive discomfort, the product benefit was delivered sensitively and appropriately. The success of the campaign produced a short-term incremental profit of £29.9 million, and also generated payback of £3.03 per every £1 spent.


This was a well-presented case that demonstrated clear and logical thinking behind the solution. The use of testimonials was excellent, the idea that because 'it worked for me it'll work for you' proved very effective, producing good results and a large scale of effect.

- Jeremy Davies, director of brand and communications, E.ON

Title: The value of letting the product shine
Client: Danone UK
Entrant: RKCR/Y&R
Author: Jeremy Poole, RKCR/Y&R
Contributing author: Joanna Bamford, RKCR/Y&R
Media used: TV, magazines, radio, internet, DM, sales promotion, PR,
word of mouth, sampling


A testimonial approach to communications produced a short-term incremental profit of £29.9 million and generated payback of £3.03 per every £1 spent.