IPA Effectiveness Awards 2008: Silver Award - Lucozade Sport


This paper shows how Lucozade Sport sales doubled over three years by having more engaged conversations with a smaller group of people. The 'Before, fuel, edge' communications strategy was developed to connect Lucozade Sport with the needs of athletes - using it 'before' sport as preparation, providing 'fuel' through functionality and scientific credentials, and ensuring its availability at events for participants and spectators ('edge'). The campaign created a wide variety of partnerships, experiences and content to deliver a multi-faceted strategy and directly connect with the right people. It has generated a short-term payback of £1.04 per every £1 spent.


This case study is a great example of how excellent targeting and interesting use of channels produced dramatic sales growth and impressive payback. Lucozade Sport really honed its audience and worked out how to reach them through the right partnerships and experiences.

- Alan Bishop, chief executive, COI

Title: How we doubled sales by focusing on less
Client: GlaxoSmithKline
Entrants: MediaCom, M&C Saatchi
Authors: Chris Binns, MediaCom; James Joice, M&C Saatchi; Clare Newman,
Media used: TV, national newspapers, magazines, radio, out of home,
cinema, internet, interactive, PR, sponsorship, experiential


Using partnerships, experiences and content enabled Lucozade Sport to directly connect with the needs of athletes and double its sales over three years.