IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Bronze Award - Dove Deodorant

Title: Making the boring beautiful: how Dove Deodorant has turned armpits to underarms

Client: Unilever

Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

Authors: Stephanie Tuesley, O&M Advertising

Credited companies - Creative agency: O&M Advertising; media agency: Mindshare

Media used: Magazines, outdoor/poster, TV


Continuing 'The campaign for real beauty' made underarms beautiful, and it maintained Dove's position as the leading skincare deodorant, generating a payback of £2.06 for every £1 invested.


Two years ago, Dove won the devotion of a huge group of real women through overturning convention in the beauty category. This paper tells of their journey from armpits to underarms, and how they have become an icon in the unlikely category of deodorant. Dove's continued focus in "The campaign for real beauty" on making underarms more beautiful enabled the brand to maintain its position as the leading skincare deodorant. This has meant Dove continues to outperform the category and expectations, achieving its share target earlier than anticipated. Furthermore, the short-run revenue contribution from the TV campaign alone provided a payback of £2.06 per £1 invested. Thanks to Dove, deodorants are no longer about just staying dry, they're about underarms so beautiful you'll want to reveal them.


Dove proved the effectiveness of continuing with an already successful brand idea. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that competitors in the category have mimicked their idea of beautiful armpits.

Gill Barr, head of marketing UK and Ireland, MasterCard.