IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Gold Award - Grand Prix Sponsored by Thinkbox - Hovis

Title: As good today as it's ever been

Client: Premier Foods

Entrant: MCBD

Author: Andy Nairn, MCBD

Credited companies - Creative agency: MCBD; design agency: JKR; digital agency: Agency Republic; media agency: MediaVest; PR agencies: Cirkle, Frank PR Media used Ambient, cinema, couponing/leafleting, magazines, newspapers, online display, outdoor/poster, PR, radio, TV, website/microsite


The 'As good today as it's ever been' campaign successfully revived the modern relevance of Hovis, generating up to £90 million incremental profit, and a payback of approximately £5 for every £1 spent.


This paper deals with the revival of one of Britain's oldest brands. Hovis had been in trouble since 2006, falling far behind regional upstart Warburtons. The "As good today as it's ever been" campaign leveraged history to prove enduring modern relevance for the brand. Communications included a 122-second TV commercial and a PR onslaught, as well as a host of product-specific communications, which together resulted in the campaign being voted the nation's "Campaign of the Decade". Sales grew by 14 per cent year on year, and the share gap with Warburtons, which had been projected to reach 20 percentage points, narrowed to only six percentage points. Up to £90 million incremental profits were generated, representing a payback of approximately £5 to every £1 spent.


This campaign is a fine example of iconic creativity and effectiveness working hand in hand to cause a total reappraisal of one of Britain's oldest brands. Given the difficulty of the category, this was an incredible achievement.

Steve Sharp, executive director of marketing, Marks & Spencer.