IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Gold Award - Sainsbury's

Title: Feed your family for a fiver: how a communications idea helped Sainsbury's through the recession

Client: Sainsbury's

Entrant: AMV BBDO

Author: Tom Roach, AMV BBDO

Contributing authors: Jane Dorsett, Craig Mawdsley, AMV BBDO

Credited companies - Creative agency: AMV BBDO; digital agency: AKQA; media agency: PHD; brand and advertising tracking: Ipsos; econometric modelling agency: OHAL

Media used: Ambient, magazines, online display, TV, website/microsite


By bringing low prices to simple food ideas, the 'Feed your family for a fiver' campaign improved Sainsbury's price perception and brand association, delivering a payback of £5.55 for every £1 spent.


With the onset of the global economic crisis, Sainsbury's had a problem: the misperception that it was more expensive than other supermarkets. It created a new brand communications campaign to help bring price perceptions in line with price reality, taking simple food ideas and building an everyday low-price component into them: "Feed your family for a fiver." Sainsbury's delivered more than 50 family meal ideas in TV, press, free tip cards and online, instantly lodging in people's minds and forming a strong brand association. Over two years, the idea delivered £540 million in direct sales with a payback of £5.55 profit for every £1 spent, and overall helped improve Sainsbury's price perception.


This was an excellent case of a business taking a simple promotional idea and elevating it into a hugely successful business driver. It produced impressive results and reinforced the brand.

Jude Bridge, director of marketing, campaigns and communications, Save the Children.