IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Silver Award - Audi

Title: The new more fuel efficient Audi communications model

Client: Audi UK

Entrant: BBH

Authors: Carl Mueller, Adam Knight, BBH

Contributing authors: Ed Booty, Jonathan Bottomley, BBH; Leila Buckley, Andrew Robson, Millward Brown

Credited companies - Creative agency: BBH; media agency: MediaCom

Media used: Cinema, direct marketing, magazines, newspapers, online display, outdoor/poster, radio, TV


Through focusing communications on the rational benefits of driving an Audi, the campaign achieved a payback of £1.70 for every £1 spent and a net profit of more than £50 million.


In 2009, Audi faced a perfect storm: a slowing economy, more frugal consumers and a greener society. Through better understanding its customers, Audi was able to evolve its communications, shifting its previously model-focused approach to one that highlighted the efficiency innovations of the entire Audi range. "The new more fuel efficient Audis' multi-channel campaign emphasised the rational benefits of driving an Audi. It allowed Audi to become more efficient in its marketing spend and resulted in considerable commercial success; annual sales targets were hit by mid-September, achieving a net profit of more than £50 million and a payback of £1.70 for each £1 spent.


This campaign clearly demonstrates the fantastic achievement of excelling in the car category during a recession. Audi stood by its brand values, but the evolution of its communications resulted in a huge impact and incredible short-term results.

Philip Almond, global brand director, Baileys.