IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Silver Award - Barclaycard

Title: Sliding our way into a greater share of the future

Client: Barclaycard

Entrant: BBH

Authors: Nicoletta Vita, Henrietta Probert, BBH

Contributing authors: Richard Collins, Barclaycard; Richard Evans, Walker Media; Elaine Miller, Dare Digital; Rhys Jones, Data2Decisions

Credited companies - Creative agency: BBH; research agency: Millward Brown; media agency: Walker Media; digital agency: Dare Digital

Media used: Cinema, magazines, mobile/apps, newspapers, outdoor/poster, TV, viral/social media


The multi-channel creation of 'the world's biggest waterslide' allowed Barclaycard to engage with a new generation of credit-card holders, delivering a payback of £2.50 for every £1 invested.


In the late 90s, a new set of competitors changed the dynamic of the market, leaving Barclaycard's original communications model outdated. By 2005, Barclaycard was suffering a decline in volume transactions, market share and share of new customer acquisition. In response, Barclaycard radically changed the core brand proposition and used communication to engage with a new generation of credit-card holders. The creation of "the world's biggest waterslide" across multiple channels, including TV, online and an iPhone game, captured the public's attention. This paper demonstrates how effective methods of communication have driven new customer acquisition and added value of £22 million to the Barclaycard business, delivering a payback of £2.50 for every £1 invested.


The judges were impressed with the proof that the engagingly creative campaign successfully resurrected an old brand that was in decline.

Lord Burns, chairman, Channel 4 and Santander UK; chairman of judges.