IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Silver Award - Cadbury Dairy Milk

The Broadbent Prize for Best Dedication to Effectiveness Sponsored by Warc.

Title: The joy of content: how a new communications model is paying back for Cadbury

Client: Cadbury

Entrant: Fallon London

Authors: Rachel Barrie, Tom Goodwin, Fallon; Lucy Evans, Margaret Jobling, Cadbury UK

Contributing authors: Karl Weaver, David Hartley, Data2Decisions

Credited companies - Creative agency: Fallon London; digital agency: Hyper; media agency: PHD; PR agency: Red

Media used: Ambient, cinema, interactive, magazines, newspapers, online display, outdoor/poster, PR, sales promotion, search, TV, viral/social media, website/microsite


Glass and a Half Full Productions delivered a master brand payback that was 171 per cent more than previous campaigns.


By 2007, Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) was running out of steam, facing flatlining sales, losing relevance to younger generations and with an advertising model that felt tired. The solution was to create Glass and a Half Full Productions, a content-led campaign including "Gorilla", "Eyebrows" and "Trucks". The new direction moved CDM from being a manufacturer of chocolate to a producer of joy. It also created a debate around whether creating "joyful" content rather than "persuasive" advertising featuring chocolate actually works or not. The whole campaign delivered a master brand payback that was 171 per cent greater than previous campaigns, with "Gorilla" alone delivering a ROI of £4.88 for every £1 spent.


This case is a great example of an incredibly powerful and effective campaign in the face of a tricky market that is seasonal and unhealthy. Cadbury successfully cut through media criticism with brave, but fantastic, creative work that captured the public's imagination.

Steve Sharp, executive director of marketing, Marks & Spencer.