IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Silver Award - Heinz

Title: It has to be Heinz: maintaining leadership in uncertain times

Client: H J Heinz Co

Entrant: AMV BBDO

Authors: Lucy Howard, Jane Dorsett, AMV BBDO

Contributing authors: Jacquie Chick, AMV BBDO; Louise Cook, Holmes & Cook; Katherine Gray, Ann Perkins, Giles Jepson, Nigel Dickie, Heinz; Katie Abbott, Vizeum

Credited companies - Creative agency: AMV BBDO; media agency: Vizeum; qualitative research agency: White Tiger

Media used: Interactive, PR, radio, sales promotion, TV


Through 'There are moments for us all when only Heinz will do', the brand became the fastest-growing of the 'Top 10 Manufacturers' and delivered £1.87 profit for every £1 invested.


The first quarter of 2009 saw Heinz losing share to own label brands in all core categories, with previous loyalists favouring cheaper alternatives. To address this, a new umbrella communications idea that "There are moments for us all when only Heinz will do" was born across the portfolio of premium products. The "It has to be Heinz" campaign strengthened relationships with core customers, connecting consumers with the real value of Heinz by reawakening the emotional rewards that the Heinz product experience evokes. This campaign resulted in Heinz becoming the fastest-growing of the "Top 10 manufacturers", delivering more than £12 million in incremental revenue, with £1.87 in profit returned for every £1 invested.


A well-argued case that was compelling and clear, and one that stands as a good lesson for all brand owners. Heinz successfully fought off its competitors and drove sales in the context of household budget cuts.

Philip Almond, global brand director, Baileys.