IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Silver Award - KFC

Title: Fresh chicken, fresh users, fresh growth

Client: Yum! Restaurants International

Entrant: BBH

Author: Jude Lowson, BBH

Contributing authors: Ed Booty, BBH; Vishal Patel, Paul Dyson, Data2Decisions

Credited companies - Creative agency: BBH; media agency: Walker Media

Media used: Newspapers, outdoor/poster, TV


Using revised communications to convince consumers of KFC's dedication to fresh chicken and fresh preparation, the campaign achieved incremental sales revenue of £191.4 million, with a ROMI of 5.32:1.


In 2009, following three years of growth driven by taste-centric communications, KFC faced challenging sales targets. To meet these, KFC had to attract a wider audience, who were currently not visiting because of concerns about the quality of KFC's food. In order to build quality credentials, the "Fresh" campaign was launched, offering viewers a behind-the-scenes look into KFC stores and allowing them a first-hand view of KFC's dedication to fresh chicken and fresh preparation. The revised communications model achieved incremental sales revenue of £191.4 million, for a ROMI of 5.32:1.


KFC was an excellent case with a clear objective to change people's attitude towards the brand. The use of strong insight and revised communications successfully delivered business results.

Philip Almond, global brand director, Baileys.