IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Silver Award - Robinsons Fruit Shoot

Title: Kicking the habit: how we freed Fruit Shoot from its promotional addiction

Client: Britvic

Entrant: BBH

Authors: Nina Rahmatallah, Priyanka Kanse, BBH

Contributing authors: Cameron Davidson, Leslie Davey, Britvic; Katherine Munford, Vishal Patel, Data2Decisions

Credited company: Creative agency: BBH

Media used: TV, viral/social media, website/microsite


This multi-channel campaign drove awareness and demand among mums by encouraging kids to learn new skills, resulting in £3.89 million incremental sales, and a payback of £3.29 for every £1 spent.


In 2008, Fruit Shoot found itself in a downward spiral of promotional addiction, locked in a battle with retailers that no-one could win. Ironically, as the drink became cheaper to buy, it became less attractive to mums. To reverse this trend, communications leveraged traditional and non-traditional media to drive demand among increasingly price-conscious mums while supporting a 1.5 per cent increase in Fruit Shoot's price. The key to this was to drive credibility in the playground, which was achieved by the creation of "What's your juice?", a multi-channel platform designed to inspire and teach kids cool skills, from diabolo to BMX. TV advertising and advertiser-funded programming were employed to drive mass awareness. The campaign resulted in £3.89 million incremental sales, and a payback of £3.29 for every £1 spent.


This paper was very focused, and a great example of using a range of media to engage young children, as well as their parents, in the brand. There is smart thinking to be learned from this entry, particularly the use of advertiser-funded programming.

Tim Brooks, marketing director of healthcare, GSK Consumer Healthcare UK.