IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010: Sponsors' Statements

This is the 30th year of the IPA Effectiveness Awards and they remain unsurpassed in their importance.

I've said it before and I will not worry about saying it again: nothing is as important to our industry as proving the vital contribution that advertising makes to creating, maintaining and growing the bottom line. These Awards do precisely that.

So congratulations to everyone involved, both in this and in previous years. Thirty years of insight, rigour and dedication have built one of the most valuable data sources in the global marketing world.

Confidence is creeping back into marketing and communications departments, and marketing investment is recovering and reshaping. But it will be a very long time before anyone gets complacent. We are all only too aware of the fragility of economic recovery and of organisations' ability to invest. These studies help all of us make the hard business case for continuing to advertise through the tough times.

I am particularly delighted that Hovis is the 2010 Grand Prix winner. Hovis was a big brand back when these Awards were born, with an enviable track record of producing standout advertising. Despite ups and downs in the intervening decades, Hovis' fundamental product and brand strengths were just waiting to be restated and revived. And what a revival it was. Despite being at the start of recession, they put their faith in big-brand advertising, stunning creativity and substantial media spend. We all know now that it paid off handsomely, but how many of us truly would have been as brave as Premier Foods?

Hovis also brings to life the recent research findings, from the IPA and The Gunn Report, in association with Thinkbox, which prove that highly awarded creative campaigns, naturally combined with strong strategy and media, are 11 times more efficient at driving market share growth than non-creatively awarded campaigns.

Thinkbox is proud to sponsor these Awards. Like the IPA Effectiveness Awards and Hovis, TV advertising goes from strength to strength. Innovation and evolution, with new formats and platforms for advertisers to explore, are making TV's role at the heart of successful advertising campaigns even more assured.


The IPA would like to thank Thinkbox, the main sponsor of the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010. We would also like to thank our other sponsors: Warc, the official publisher of the case-history material; Clear Channel; Viadeo; Velti; and Campaign, for their support of this year's competition.

Warc, the official publisher for the IPA Effectiveness Awards, is the knowledge store for the industry, and ensures that the most effective campaigns continue to provide inspiration for the winners of the future. Warc.com contains the complete archive of winners from 1980, easily searchable by campaign objective, brand or product category, while the Advertising Works series showcases the award winners in print.

Warc.com is a unique online service for marketing people around the world. It is relied upon by major creative and media agency networks, market research companies, media owners, multinational advertisers and business schools to help tackle any marketing challenge.

Warc.com gives you access to thousands of case studies, revealing the campaign strategies of leading brands. You can read articles and Best Practice guides that explain the "how" and "why" of marketing challenges, or find market intelligence, including ad forecasts, brand profiles, conference reports and other material on top advertisers, brands and agencies.

In the increasingly complex world of marketing, Warc helps you make sense of change, provides stimulus for your thinking, lets you see what's on the horizon and helps you make your case.

For more information, please visit www.warc.com.

- Clear Channel is the world's largest out-of-home advertising company, part of Clear Channel Communications, a global media and entertainment company. Our portfolio of close to one million displays delivers intelligent, effective and creative media campaigns in 44 countries across five continents. In the UK, we provide more than 60,000 advertising opportunities across our premium Pinnacle division, billboards, street furniture, digital networks, shopping malls and Sainsbury's panels. Innovation, flexibility and accountability lie at the heart of our business, and ensure we are best placed to deliver any target audience as effectively as possible.

Outdoor is an integral part of the media mix and the improving quality of outdoor inventory in the UK, together with the launch of new formats, continues to push the boundaries of the medium and ensure outdoor becomes ever more flexible and effective in the future.

Clear Channel is proud to be a sponsor of the IPA Effectiveness Awards as part of its ongoing commitment to champion great planning and creativity, and reward the most forward-thinking agencies and clients in our business.

To find out more information about Clear Channel, visit www.clearchannel.co.uk, or follow us on Twitter @clearchanneluk.

- Viadeo, one of the world's largest online professional social networks, is proud to be a sponsor of the prestigious IPA Effectiveness Awards.

Our network has more than 30 million members, including business owners, entrepreneurs and senior managers, from a diverse range of organisations - both start-up and well-established - across 226 countries.

Professionals use Viadeo to enhance their career prospects, discover business opportunities and build relationships with new contacts, as well as to create an effective online identity.

Modern professionals are overwhelmed with advertising messages; it is becoming increasingly important to deliver relevant advertising at the right time. As a professional social network, Viadeo can effectively target our members by profession, location or even interests; most of our clients are blue-chip companies which recognise the power of advertising that can be tailored exactly to their requirements.

As an international network, we understand how important social and cultural differences are in the way different countries conduct business. We have offices and teams in the US, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, China, India, Mexico and Canada, where we form partnerships with local companies, organisations and associations, and support local events.

For more information, please visit us at www.viadeo.com, or contact us at partnerships@viadeo.com.

- Velti is very proud to be a sponsor of the 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards in a year marking its 30-year anniversary.

Velti helps the world's leading brands, agencies and mobile operators deliver compelling mobile marketing and advertising campaigns that engage and retain their customers. With operations spanning the globe, Velti helps more businesses reach more customers in more places - and more ways - than any other mobile marketing and advertising technology provider.

Our technology platform, Velti mGage(TM) eliminates the complexity of creating and delivering highly targeted, interactive and measurable campaigns to mobile devices. As the first end-to-end mobile-marketing and advertising platform, Velti mGage(TM) makes it possible to plan, purchase, manage, optimise, track and analyse mobile activities at every stage of the campaign lifecycle through a single platform.

Fully integrated solutions help our customers use mobile content, applications and communities to convert customers and build profitable, long-term relationships. Beyond mobile campaigns, Velti mGage(TM) enables our customers to optimise the effectiveness of print, TV, online and outdoor media, as well as leverage the full power of mobile across the full spectrum of customer-engagement activities.

To find out what we can do for your business, please visit www.velti.com.

- Campaign, dubbed the "bible of the advertising industry", is proud to be a sponsor of the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

The UK's leading media, marketing and advertising magazine, Campaign has been championing excellence in the communications industry since it launched back in 1968.

Over the years, its editorial remit has broadened to embrace not only advertising creativity but the media business, the direct marketing sector and the burgeoning digital arena, too.

And now, our website, www.campaignlive.co.uk, covers the ad industry 24/7.

While our editorial focus remains to inform, stimulate and provoke, Campaign also recognises the business imperatives that drive communications strategies and underpin its entire editorial approach with a keen business understanding.

And as the communications industry has steadily become a global business, Campaign's international coverage and reach have grown to reflect this larger canvas. With several bespoke editions in key emerging advertising markets, Campaign is becoming an international brand in its own right.

Campaign remains the only fully paid-for title in its field.

- For more information, go to www.campaignlive.co.uk.