IPA sets up search marketing group

The IPA has launched a search engine marketing group to tackle long-standing problems with search and impose new industry-wide standards.

IPA Search, which has the support of 17 agencies and is chaired by Arjo Ghosh, the chief executive of Spannerworks, has issued recommendations on the misuse of client trademarks and the need for greater clarity and service levels from search engines.

The IPA held talks with leading paid-for search companies, including Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft, before drafting its action plan. It is urging agencies to take greater care over submitting client trademark requests to search engines and for contracts to be negotiated to include details of keyword targeting and the quality of destination websites.

Agencies can view the full details on the recommendations at ipa.co.uk.

Ghosh said: "Search is an increasingly integral part of the media mix, and the variety of agencies involved in the group reflects our determination to increase standards and get better agency representation in a sector that was, until recently, served by specialists."