IPC Ignite!'s monthly music title launches Uncut DVD quarterly

LONDON - Uncut, IPC Ignite!'s music title, is launching Uncut DVD, a quarterly magazine devoted to coverage of films.

The first issue of the magazine goes on sale this week priced at £3.99. It will feature a retrospective on Clint Eastwood and features on the making of 'The Getaway' and the history of 1970s cop show 'The Sweeney'.

Uncut DVD will also feature 50 pages of DVD reviews, covering classic and new movies, TV and music.

Allan Jones, editor of Uncut and Uncut DVD, said: "We've never had room in Uncut for all the great movie stories we wanted to tell. Uncut DVD is the perfect solution, providing the proper space for us to give the full Uncut treatment to the greatest stars, most talented directors and wildest behind-the-scenes stories in celluloid history."

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