IPC terminates six titles and exhibition arm

IPC Media has taken an axe to its magazine portfolio, closing six

titles along with its exhibitions business, IPC Live!, in a cull that

has sent shockwaves through the publishing industry.

One hundred and fifteen jobs will go following the closures, which

include the 74-year-old monthly Woman's Journal and the recently

relaunched women's weekly Your Life. Your Garden, Homes & Ideas and

Marie Claire Health and Beauty complete the list. Complete Guide to

Pregnancy will cease to be a standalone publication and will be folded

back into Practical Parenting.

The closures come less than a month after the completion of a £1.15 billion takeover of IPC by the global media giant AOL Time Warner.

Media buyers predicted that AOL was initiating an aggressive

streamlining of the business, with weaker titles stripped out to free up

investment for healthier brands.

"We will continue to review our businesses and the performance and

profitability of all our titles as an integral part of the management of

our portfolio," IPC's chief executive, Sly Bailey, said.

The closure of Woman's Journal represents a drastic climbdown from the

summer, when IPC extracted an apology from one trade paper for claiming

that the title was about to fold. The demise of the magazine has been

predicted for some time after it became clear that the initial successes

achieved by Elsa McAlanon, the magazine's award-winning editor, could

not be sustained without substantial covermounting.

The axing of the mature women's weekly Your Life comes almost exactly a

month after the title was relaunched as a glossy with an above-the-line

campaign through Roose & Partners.

"Buying circulation is an expensive route and some of these titles had

become addicted to it," PHD's head of press, Laura James, said. "It's

questionable how they would have fared in the downturn."