iPhone hall of shame: top ten banned apps

LONDON - So far Apple has given the green-light to 65,000 apps, which have racked up more than 1.5 billion downloads. However, it has also rejected or pulled dozens of apps from the App Store for little or no reason. Here are ten of the best/worst.

  • My Shoe

    My Shoe

  • Baby Shaker

    Baby Shaker

  • South Park

    South Park

  • Google Voice

    Google Voice

  • Eucalyptus


  • I am Rich

    I am Rich

  • iBoobs


  • Me so Holy

    Me so Holy

  • Slasher


  • Google Latitude

    Google Latitude


1. Baby Shaker
This app allowed users to silence the cries of an imaginary baby by shaking the phone until the child appeared to be dead. The description read: ‘See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!' Apple banned the app in April 2009 follows criticism from child protection groups.

2. iBoobs
The clue's in the name with this app, which allowed users to jiggle a pair of almost life-like breasts, just for fun. Since iBoobs was banned, an app called Wobble has emerged enabling iPhone users to do the same but with real pictures.

3. Me so Holy

This app would have allowed you to put your face on an image of Jesus, but was rejected by Apple on the grounds of being ‘potentially offensive'. The app developer hit back at Apple via a blog entry, saying it was ‘disappointed that this otherwise creative, freethinking company would reject such a positive and fun application'.

4. Slasher
The app featured a picture of a knife and played the Psycho theme tune when the iPhone was shaken. The app was due to be released in August 2008 but was pulled after just one day following heavy criticism.

5. South Park
This app, which featured clips from the cartoon and film was pulled in February 2009 for being ‘potentially offensive'. Apple came under fire for banning the app due to the fact that it sells the South Park TV series via iTunes.

6. Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus, which allows people to read classic books on their iPhones, was initially rejected in May 2009 because users were able to download a copy of the Kama Sutra. However, Apple reversed its decision a few days later allowing the app without censorship.

7. Google Latitude
Google Latitude gives users a GPS-enabled map to see where their friends are located. Despite its many potential uses, Google claims Apple asked for the app to be removed because it would cause confusion with Google Maps

8. Google Voice

Apple recently began pulling all Google Voice-enabled apps from the App Store, claiming they ‘duplicate features that come with the iPhone'. The move has prompted considerable backlash from iPhone users, many of which have cancelled their contracts.

9. I am Rich
The sole purpose of this app was to let people know that you're loaded. iPhone users were charging $999 for a screen that showed a glowing gem. Eight users purchased the virtual gem before Apple pulled it in August 2008.

10. My Shoe
This app allowed the user to play the role of the Iraqi shoe-tossing journalist and hurl footwear at former President George W. Bush. It was rejected for defaming a public figure, but was later reworked so users can toss a shoe at anyone they like by uploading a photo of them.