Iris creates Bond application for Sony Ericsson

LONDON - Sony Ericsson is turning its phones into high-tech spy gadgets to promote its association with the upcoming James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Sony James Bond application by iris
Sony James Bond application by iris

A website, created by iris Digital, will host an interactive movie which test a player's secret agent skills across four special spy missions.

Upon successful completion of each level, the site will deliver a code, which players can use to unlock exclusive mobile phone applications.

Each application available to download is Bond-themed, among them a function which turns a player's camera phone into a wireless spy cam, as well as a fingerprint scanner, x-ray viewer and universal detector that makes a user's phone seem more like something from Q's lab. 


Project name
"Directive C902"
Cathy Davies, Director of Global Marketing Communications for Sony Ericsson
To create a digital campaign that leverages Sony Ericsson's association with the upcoming James Bond film Quantum of Solace
Creative agency
iris Digital
Matt Hallett
Art director
Bill Adcock
Planner (creative agency)
Michelle Byrne
Media agency
Media planner
Stefan Burford
Media spend
Rob Adderley
Digital across 42 countries globally