Iris to warn teens of pregnancy risk with brand associations

The Department of Health has appointed the specialist youth agency

iris to develop a below-the-line strategy as part of its drive to reduce

the UK teenage pregnancy rate.

Iris will work on targeting educational messages to teenagers by linking

the issue of teenage pregnancy with major consumer brands. The first

phase of the work will involve analysing how teenagers live and the

moments at which they relate to leading youth brands.

By early summer, iris expects to have developed links with a number of

brands to raise awareness of the issue.

Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners is handling the advertising for the

DoH teenage pregnancy drive. The DoH decided to act after figures showed

that the UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

Ian Millner, a managing partner at iris, said: 'Research shows that

health-related issues are the most important to consumers but when it

comes to sponsorship most brands tend to ignore this and look at


Iris, a breakaway agency from IMP, launched last year. It has since

evolved into a youth marketing specialist with clients including

Ericsson, Umbro and Virgin.