ISBA calls for publishers to provide 100% viewable ad buys

ISBA is pushing for digital media owners to offer advertisers the ability to buy display ads at 100% in view.

ISBA calls for publishers to provide 100% viewable ad buys

The current Media Rating Council (MRC) guideline is 50% in view.

Speaking at ISBA's annual conference today, director general Phil Smith said ISBA recognises that different advertisers have different needs and that every advertiser should be able to buy at whatever viewability threshold delivers against their business objectives, including below 100%.

The long-term aim is for there to be a market where brands are able to buy their advertising delivered as designed, and this includes 100% in-view for the full-duration. 

This is part of ISBA's bid to address cross-media measurement. It believes that the "opportunity to see" for digital will need to be changed to meet parity with other forms of media. 

"Raising the standard is something our member’s want but we also recognise the different needs of our members’ and what we have announced today reflects this," Steve Chester, director of media at ISBA said. "This is a great example of the need for the continued development of standards across the advertising and marketing industry."